Corona Germany: “Do you have your mask with you?” – The sentences of the Corona year 2020


The Coronavirus was the topic of conversation in 2020. Corona was the new weather. That means: No, of course not. Because the subject of weather is known for its extensive innocence – and Corona is by no means.

The term “Corona-Pandemie“Selected as word of the year, in the list of words of the year of the Society for German Language in Wiesbaden there were also expressions such as Lockdown, conspiracy narrative, systemic, triage, ghost games and “Stay healthy!” such as AHA (Keep your distance, observe hygiene, wear everyday masks). In English, the far more handy “Hands, Face, Space” has prevailed.

What you need to know about protective masks during the corona pandemic

In addition to individual hip words, millions of people have been exposed to the same sentences over and over again. Some examples:

  • “Taking responsibility” – puns like this admonished in the fight against the pandemic and reminded of the need to wear a mask on the bus.
  • “Clubs were the first to close and will probably be the last to open again.” – That was the message from many club owners – and they are probably right.
  • “We have already survived worse.” – The older generation is still grappling with the world war and refused to complain.

The pitfalls of technology and ventilation: sentences in school and in the home office

  • “Leon, please put on the mask correctly?”, “Yes! Even through the nose! ”- This is how teachers warned their students, although Leon can of course also be called Sophie, Marie, Charlotte, Max, Paul or Mohamed.
  • “So, 20 minutes are up again. Put on jackets, we’ll ventilate. ”- Another sentence that teachers had to use to torment their students in classrooms in Corona times.
  • “Homeschooling is annoying.” – Not only students, but also many parents cursed the lessons at home.
  • “Your microphone is off!”, “Can you hear me?”, “You have to turn on the microphone!”, “You are frozen” – typical sentences from video conferences with people in the home office.

Garden, gastronomy and travel: the little freedoms

  • “Do you have your mask with you?” – While nobody else cares about your wallet and keychain, this question has become the norm when you leave your own four walls.
  • “Are you the end of the line?” – Almost like the British cliché, people practiced standing in line. With a significantly larger distance, however, it was sometimes unclear who was perhaps just waiting.
  • “We are so happy that we have the garden!” – an exclamation that was heard quite often, especially during the first lockdown in spring. Instead of going on holiday during the Easter holidays, some renovated the terrace.
  • “It’s really nice here in Germany.” – Vacation plans had to be changed this year. Instead of Mallorca and Turkey, many were drawn to the Baltic Sea or the Alps.
  • “But you have to go on vacation.” – But many did not want to do without traveling entirely to protect against infection.
  • “I missed eating out the most.” – Another sentence that made the rounds with the easing in May when restaurants were once again allowed to serve guests on site.
  • “Corona isn’t such a problem outside.” – This is how people expressed their relief, especially in summer. The risk of infection is lower in the fresh air than in rooms.

Between frustration and hope

  • “I can no longer hear Corona.” – Over time, some became tired.
  • “Stay healthy!” “Stay confident!” – Such wishes have become the new standard for greetings.
  • “When all of this is over …”, “When the vaccine is first there …”, “When enough people have been vaccinated …” – True to the motto “Hope dies last”, they began over time first to make plans for 2021.

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