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Wiesbaden – The whole country in lockdown! Schools closed, shops closed, hairdressers closed. And now the corona hammer! Betting offices are allowed to reopen in Hessen.

As BILD learned, the trigger for the change to the CoKoBeV – the Corona Contact and Operating Restriction Ordinance – is the administrative dispute proceedings of Soft Trade Entertainment GmbH against the state of Hesse.

This means that betting offices are now open again. Frankfurt’s Ordnungsamt head Karin Müller (58) to BILD: “With the latest Corona regulation, betting offices will be allowed to reopen for the issue and receipt of tickets and bets.”

Head of the Regulatory Office Karin Müller (58)

Photo: Jürgen Mahnke

Gambling venues are thus treated in the same way as restaurants.

In an internal letter from the ministries, it says: “According to this, betting shops are from now on (only) permitted to issue and receive tickets and bets. A stay longer than this, for example to follow the games and events to which the bets relate, is not permitted. “That means: in and out with the goods.

You are also not allowed to eat food or drink in the vicinity.

The hairdressers are pissed off!

Asibe Sirin, self-employed master hairdresser from Frankfurt: “Anyone who wants to understand the judgment. In my opinion, hairdressers are more systemically relevant than betting shops? Or am I wrong about it?”

Hatice Nizam, Head of Haarwerk Frankfurt: “I’m shocked. This is just unreal. We are not allowed to work – beautiful hair is a basic need for most people. Especially at Christmas – you want to feel good there. Why is betting more important? ”

Carlos Cruz, Salon Versus Frankfurt: “Completely incomprehensible. We hairdressers have to close. And it opens so that people gamble away their money? You can ask yourself whether the betting mafia is behind it. “

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