Corona in Germany: Government is checking compulsory vaccination for the Bundeswehr


No vaccine has yet been approved in Germany, but the introduction of mandatory vaccination is already being examined for a professional group. All the news in the ticker.

  • The Coronavirus* hat Germany still under control.
  • From Wednesday (December 16, 2020) until the beginning of January, the harten Lockdown.
  • For the armed forces meanwhile one stands Compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus for debate.

Berlin – Germany will go into tough lockdown from Wednesday (December 16, 2020) and Chancellor Helge Braun (CDU) has already warned that extensive easing is to be expected in January. Especially against this background, the approval of a Corona vaccine also linked to high hopes in Germany – the faster large parts of the population are vaccinated against the coronavirus *, the sooner public life can return to normal.

However, it is not yet known when the vaccine will be approved in Germany and when vaccinations can start. Even if not a general one Compulsory vaccination is planned, since one professional group is already planning to introduce one – the armed forces.

In the corona pandemic, the Bundeswehr is helping with contact tracking, among other things. For soldiers, they are considering compulsory vaccinations.

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As the news magazine “Spiegel” reports, the Federal Ministry of Defense is examining a mandatory one Corona vaccination for all around 180,000 Bundeswehr soldiers. The responsible general practitioner made a corresponding recommendation about three weeks ago, the magazine reported on Monday (December 14, 2020). This was justified, among other things, with the close coexistence of the soldiers in barracks and during exercises.

Corona in Germany: Will the Bundeswehr be compulsory for vaccinations?

Bundeswehr soldier: inside are already obliged to a so-called basic vaccination protection. This usually includes a range of standard vaccinations against tetanus, diphtheria and polio, whooping cough, flu, mumps, measles and hepatitis, for example. In the case of missions abroad, for example in Afghanistan or Mali, additional mandatory vaccinations may be added. According to “Spiegel”, according to the military medical recommendation, the vaccination against that Coronavirus be included. If the Ministry of Defense agrees, the vaccination would be a “tolerable measure” for all soldiers.

A general Compulsory vaccination against that Coronavirus rejects the federal government. The Ministry of Defense confirmed, however, according to “Spiegel”, the nonetheless such an obligation for the Bundeswehr soldier: inside being considered. According to the report, the troop medics also referred to the fact that many soldiers are currently directly involved in fighting pandemics to justify their recommendation. Especially in old people’s homes and test centers, they are exposed to an increased risk of infection.

Corona: Expert criticizes low willingness to vaccinate health workers in Germany

While many people anticipate an early approval of the Corona vaccine hope and one Compulsory in the armed forces is in the room, criticizes the SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach insufficient willingness of health workers in Germany to be vaccinated. “I am surprised that the willingness to vaccinate is not significantly higher among medical staff and that there is such a great reluctance,” Lauterbach told the Funke media group (Monday issues, December 14, 2020). Presumably, this is based on the assessment of many doctors and nurses that they do not belong to the high-risk group and are well protected by special clothing.

Lauterbach, who is himself a doctor, turned however against compulsory vaccination for certain professional groups. A vaccination versus Covid-19 must be the voluntary decision of each individual. The Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) recently referred to a survey according to which the willingness to vaccinate in Germany has steadily decreased since spring and is even lower among medical staff than among the rest of the population. (ial with AFP) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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