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Dresden – “There will be a third wave. The question is how high it will be. ”With these admonishing words, Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (45, CDU) opened the question and answer session at the weekly cabinet press conference on the corona pandemic in the Free State on Tuesday!


Kretschmer is certain that Christmas and New Year’s Eve will cause the number of infections to rise again. “The ten toughest weeks of the pandemic lie ahead of us,” he said.

In ten weeks it would be March! The currently imposed lockdown will initially apply until January 10th. In the forecast “ten toughest weeks” there is no easing possible, isn’t it? BILD asked the head of government about this.

The answer: “I think you’d like to have a headline or headline like that. I can’t give you that. I don’t want to give them to you either. “

And further: “I want all of us to have some hope with one another, which I also see from my point of view. That if we all act wisely … also a lot of interpersonal solidarity, things turn out differently and that we can start again earlier. We should work on that together. “

The strategy is therefore to hope that, despite the impending “ten toughest weeks”, a lockdown end within this period, ie before March, is possible.

The third wave could start between January 10th and 15th. “How big the wave gets and what damage it causes is up to the people in Saxony and Germany.”

The rule of distance must become second nature. Kretschmer has the impression that respect for the disease also grows from personal experience. He hopes everyone will come to this insight.

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