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  • Despite Christmas: Today, Friday, the Federal Council is informing about the tightening of the corona measures.
  • Apparently, Health Minister Alain Berset is proposing to the entire Federal Council to close all restaurants for a month.
  • “Tagesanzeiger” and “Blick” report that in unison. You refer to circles close to the Federal Council.
  • While stores could remain open for the time being, Berset also wants to close all sports and leisure facilities.

With the planned tightening, the Federal Council is complying with the demands of the national Corona task force, the cantonal doctors and the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG). Two days ago you had urgently called for measures to be taken across Switzerland, including large-scale closures of businesses. “The earlier the better,” stressed task force boss Martin Ackermann.

In the past few days, several large hospitals have also appealed to politicians: They are on the verge of action, more effective measures are needed to reduce the number of cases and thus the burden on the hospitals.

Instead of waiting until after Christmas as originally planned, the Federal Council wants to tighten the corona measures tomorrow, Friday, according to “Tagesanzeiger” and “Blick”. According to the media, the more effective regulations will come into force on Tuesday, December 22nd. Accordingly, catering businesses across Switzerland should have to close for a month from Tuesday. However, cantons with a better epidemiological situation are likely to decide for themselves whether they want to leave the restaurants open.

Federal Council advises several variants

In this shutdown-like variant, in addition to the restaurants, all sports and leisure facilities as well as museums and libraries would have to close. According to Berset’s suggestion, stores could still be open for the time being – taking into account the previous rules.

But a more leisurely approach is also conceivable: Berset is submitting several variants to the entire Federal Council, which it will discuss today, writes the “Tagesanzeiger”. Exceptions are also possible – such as the Sunday sale, so that bakeries are allowed to sell bread, croissants and patisserie again.

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