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The mutated variant of the coronavirus discovered in Great Britain has now also been detected in Spain.

The mutated coronavirus variant detected in Great Britain last week has also been detected in Spain. In Madrid, four people tested positive for the new Corona variant, said the deputy health minister of the capital region, Antonio Zapatero, at a press conference on Saturday. All four infected people recently entered the United Kingdom.

None of the four infected people had severe symptoms, said Zapatero. “We know that this variant is more easily transmitted, but it does not lead to more serious illnesses.” There is nothing to be concerned about. In three other suspected cases, the test results are still pending.

First case in France too

Previously, a person was tested positive for the new Corona mutation for the first time in France. This is a man from the city of Tours who returned from Great Britain on December 19. The French Ministry of Health announced on Friday that he is in quarantine. He came from London and developed symptoms, but is fine.

The British government made the discovery of a coronavirus mutation public about a week ago. This should be up to 70 percent more contagious than the previous variant. Numerous states, including Austria, then imposed flight bans and travel restrictions for passengers from Great Britain. Since then, the coronavirus mutation has appeared in Germany, Italy and Japan, among others.

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