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Trade with sales growth – gastronomy sector still in crisis

The Hotel and catering industry did in the first nine months of this year due to the corona crisis high sales losses have to put away. Alone in Berlin the revenues of the hotels, restaurants and pubs were nominal compared to the same period last year almost 43 percent back, as the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office announced on Monday. In Brandenburg recorded the industry Minus around 25 percent.

That is the hardest hit Accommodation industry. The sales of hotels and pensions went in alone September in Berlin a nominal around 67 percent back. In the whole first nine months it was round 58 percent. Tourists and business travelers largely stayed away from the capital in the summer despite the easing. Lots Restaurants and bars however, had opened or expanded their delivery range. Even so, they recorded the September sales losses of around a third compared to the same month last year.

In Brandenburg the losses were in the accommodation industry according to statisticians from January to September at about a third compared to the same period last year. The data does not include the consequences of the renewed increase in the number of infections and the associated renewed restrictions for the hotel and catering industry.

The federal and state governments had the one that began in November renewed partial lockdown for December extended. With Billions in aid the consequences for the affected companies should be cushioned. From the point of view of the industry, the amount of funds is sufficient. But the help has not yet reached many entrepreneurs.

So far, however, has been significantly less severe Berlin retail through the crisis. Here sales increased in the first nine months even slightly in nominal terms almost 2 percent, in September even by 3 percent – compared to the respective periods of the previous year. In Brandenburg the increase in sales was particularly clear. Around Sales rose 8.5 percent between January and September compared to the same period last year.

Reason that thriving online business his as well as the higher demand in food retail during the first lockdown in spring.

From the perspective of the German Trade Association (HDE) However, the increasing sales must not hide the fact that the stationary trade in the inner cities big problems. In a current nationwide industry survey conducted by the association, almost every second company surveyed (45 percent) said they saw their business existence threatened because of the corona pandemic and the countermeasures, and almost two thirds (62 percent) were pessimistic about the further course of the Christmas business.

Because of the Fear of infection with the coronavirus that Shopping behavior changed, many people no longer stroll through the city centers, but go shopping more specifically – or order online. The federal-state resolution also provides fewer customers per space in large stores in front. In addition, the Berlin traders in particular are suffering from the collapse in tourism. The economic ministers of the federal states also wanted to speak at an online conference this Monday about how to avoid deserting the inner cities. (dpa)

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