Corona rules in Munich: This applies from Wednesday


Munich – From December 16 and probably until January 10, all of Germany will be shut down. On December 13th, the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced the tightening of the measures applicable to Bavaria, which of course will also apply in Munich.

The resolutions for the hard lockdown in Germany and Munich at a glance:

Special corona rules in Munich

Exit restriction: You may only leave your own apartment for good reasons. This includes shopping for groceries, sports and walks in the open air, caring for animals, visiting partners and relatives and accompanying minors.

Curfew: There is a curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. for all of Bavaria. During this time, you may only leave the apartment if you can show important reasons, such as going to work or to the doctor. In Munich, the curfew came into effect on Wednesday (December 9th) at 9 p.m. The curfew is currently in effect until January 10th.

Mask requirement in the city center: The federal and state governments have decided that a mask is required wherever there is public traffic. In Munich there is a general mask requirement in the old town pedestrian zone including Sendlinger-Tor-Platz, Rosental between Sendlinger Straße and Rindermarkt, Rindermarkt, Viktualienmarkt, Dienerstraße, Schrammerstraße, Landschaftstraße, on the sidewalks in the valley as well as in Schützenstraße and in the Stachus basement .

The mask requirement also applies here: In local and long-distance public transport (DB, MVG, MVV) and in retail, wearing a face mask is mandatory. In addition, the mask requirement applies in public buildings and on so-called meeting and traffic areas in workplaces. The mask requirement applies from six years of age. Violations are punished with fines of up to 500 euros.

Ban on alcohol in public spaces: The consumption of alcohol in public places has been banned since December 9th. After consumption was previously prohibited at the hotspots (Baldeplatz, Gärtnerplatz, Gerner Brücke, Wedekindplatz, Isarauen between Reichenbachbrücke and Wittelsbacherbrücke) as well as within the Altstadtring, the alcohol ban has been in effect all day for the entire city area.

Corona rules for Munich and Germany

Contact restrictions: Contacts with people outside of your own household should be reduced to an absolute minimum. According to the federal-state resolutions, only one’s own household and one other household can meet in public, and that only with a maximum of five people.

That applies to Christmas

On December 13th, the contact restrictions for the Christmas days tightened in Bavaria compared to previous resolutions. From December 24th to 26th, the following applies: Four people who go beyond their own household plus children up to 14 years of age from the closest family circle are fine – even if these four additional people do not come from the same household, and even if more than five people together then .

Parties, private celebrations and meetings: According to the Corona decision of the federal and state governments, celebrations in public places, in apartments and private facilities are “unacceptable in view of the serious situation in our country”. However, controls are to be stepped up.

For New Years Eve and New Years Day According to the decision of December 13th, both the curfew and a ban on firecrackers apply. Emergency rooms should be relieved of avoidable injuries.

To travel: Private trips and visits that are not absolutely necessary – including from relatives – should be avoided. This applies to trips in Bavaria and Germany and to “national day trips”. Overnight stays in hotels are only permitted for expressly non-tourist purposes.

Bavaria tightened the measures: Winter sports enthusiasts and other day tourists who travel even briefly to a risk area abroad should in future have to be quarantined in the Free State. An exception for stays of less than 24 hours should only apply if there are valid reasons, in particular work, school, visits to the doctor, family matters and everyday business.

The so-called “small border traffic” for shopping or leisure purposes has been suspended in Bavaria since December 9th. Only visits from first and second degree relatives and commuter journeys are excluded.

Markus Söder takes action: Stricter corona rules in Bavaria

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These corona rules apply nationwide for gastronomy, education and leisure

Leisure, sport, entertainment: Practically all leisure facilities have been closed since November 2nd. These include: theaters, operas, concert halls and similar facilities, cinemas, amusement parks and providers of leisure activities (indoors and outdoors), amusement arcades, casinos, betting shops and similar facilities, brothels, swimming pools and fun pools, saunas, thermal baths, fitness studios, wellness facilities, museums , Zoos and similar establishments.

In addition, since December 10th, the use of all sports facilities in the public green spaces has been prohibited – these include football fields and skate facilities, for example. The ban on use applies initially up to and including January 5th. Playgrounds for children accompanied by adults are still open.

Special case professional sport: Professional sports events may take place without spectators.

Gastronomy: Bars, clubs, discos, pubs and restaurants had to close at the beginning of November. The delivery and collection of food is still allowed. However, food can no longer be consumed directly when it is picked up – for example at sausage or french fry stalls.

As of Wednesday, there will be a hard lockdown in Munich - as in Germany in general.

Coronavirus news: hard lockdown from Wednesday!

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Services: Cosmetic studios, massage practices, tattoo studios and similar businesses are also closed. Medically necessary treatments such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, logotherapy or foot care are still possible. From December 16 must also Lock hair salons again. Further federal aid is planned.

Schools, kindergartens, universities and colleges: Schools and kindergartens will close in Bavaria from December 16. Additional opportunities are to be created for parents to be able to take vacation to look after their children during the period mentioned and to receive financial aid. In addition, emergency support is to be ensured.
Lectures and seminars are to be held digitally at universities.

Lockdown from Wednesday: This applies in retail

Retail, Shopping: The wholesale and retail trade closes – with the exception of shops of the daily needs, petrol stations, banks, post offices, pharmacies and drug stores – from December 16 to January 10. Further federal aid is planned.

Nursing homes and hospitals: Special precautionary measures apply to Bavarian nursing homes from December 9th. Only one visitor per day is allowed who has to present a corona test and wear an FP2 mask. FP2 masks and two tests per week are mandatory for nursing staff. In the event of a corona outbreak, immediate transfer to an isolation ward is planned. Uninfected residents should be relocated to rehab facilities and other suitable locations. FP2 masks must also be worn in hospitals.

Homeoffice: Bayerische Employers are called upon to Make home office the rule. A presence at the workplace is to be avoided according to the Bavarian guidelines.

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