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Status: December 28, 2020 2:57 p.m.

After the vaccination campaign has started, other municipalities are preparing for the start. According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, the next 50,000 doses of vaccine are ready for delivery today.

According to the ministry, it is certain that the county of Bentheim will vaccinate from tomorrow. The district received 1,000 vaccine doses today. According to the district, the plan is for two mobile vaccination teams to vaccinate residents and staff of a senior citizens facility in Nordhorn in the morning. Which other municipalities are ready to be vaccinated should be clarified in the course of today.


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Heiger Scholz, head of the Corona crisis team in Lower Saxony, comments on the start of the vaccination in an interview. (28.12.2020) 1 min

Communes report when they are ready

Around 127,000 vaccine doses should be available by the end of the year. “As of Tuesday, we will be able to supply every district and every urban district with the vaccine, which signals to us that everything is ready for the vaccination in the particularly endangered facilities,” said Heiger Scholz, head of the Corona Crisis team of the state government. A spokesman for the Ministry of Social Affairs said that the districts and urban districts had received news a day before Christmas Eve that vaccine could now be obtained. This will be delivered when the municipalities are ready to be vaccinated.

It doesn’t start immediately everywhere

The news came as a bit of a surprise, said Thomas Walter, first district councilor of the Gifhorn district. This is reported by NDR 1 Lower Saxony. The vaccination needs to start in advance, so Walter. The district wants to start vaccinations at the beginning of January – also because they are still waiting for data from the retirement and nursing homes. Something similar can be heard from the Hanover fire brigade, which organizes vaccinations in the Hanover region. There, data would have to be queried from around 180 senior citizens’ facilities.

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Scholz: “Full understanding” of delays

Especially now, between Christmas and New Year, it is a great challenge for many retirement and nursing homes to do the necessary organizational work and obtain the consent of the residents, said Scholz. “The aim must be to vaccinate as many people as possible when the mobile teams visit the facilities. That requires a great deal of commitment from the employees on site and a certain amount of preparation time, for which we fully understand.”

Starting in January, the campaign should “pick up speed”

According to the ministry, the Nienburg district and the city of Osnabrück want to vaccinate the first people on December 30th. According to this, they will each receive 1,000 doses from the country the day before. “We assume that the vast majority of rural districts and cities will be able to start vaccinations in the first week of January and that the campaign will then pick up speed across the country,” said Scholz.

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State government asks for patience

The ministry pointed out that most people in Lower Saxony still have to be patient. “The 50 vaccination centers will not start operating until the next step in January,” said a statement. It is therefore currently not possible to make appointments via the state’s vaccination hotline: “The state government will communicate the start of appointments in good time and well in advance and asks for a little patience.”

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