Corona vaccination Germany: Corona vaccine is distributed – Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia receive the first vaccine doses


In Germany the first vaccine doses arrived in individual federal states one day before the start of the corona vaccinations on Saturday morning. To the most populous country North Rhine-Westphalia 9,750 cans were initially delivered and taken to a secret central warehouse. Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) emphasized: ‚ÄúThis is an important moment of confidence. With the delivery of the first corona vaccine, there is hope for a normal life as we knew it before the virus. “
In Bavaria, Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann and Health Minister Melanie Huml (both CSU) received the delivery in Erlangen. It was half of the first 9750 vaccine doses intended for the Free State, said Huml. The rest of them should arrive in Munich. From Munich and Erlangen the vaccine will be distributed regionally, and all 99 vaccination centers in Bavaria will be supplied with it. On Sunday, the first mobile vaccination teams are to be deployed to vaccinate primarily in old people’s and nursing homes and in hospitals.

In Thuringia, a logistics company brought the vaccine to a place for storage on Saturday morning by refrigerated transport and accompanied by the police. In other federal states, too, preparations for distributing the vaccine were in full swing.

The federal government has tens of thousands of Biontech cans delivered to a total of 27 locations this Saturday. From there they will be distributed to vaccination centers and mobile teams, which will then administer the first vaccinations on Sunday. First, people over 80 as well as nurses and hospital staff at particular risk are to be immunized.

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