Corona vaccination: What allergy sufferers should pay attention to now


The corona vaccine is here. However, not everyone should just get vaccinated. Anyone who is prone to allergic shocks or who has an intolerance should inform themselves sufficiently before vaccination.

  • Who a strong Allergy or in the past allergic shocks should have suffered from the coronavirus * –vaccination adequately inform.
  • For incompatibility with the Corona vaccine auxiliary materials are responsible.
  • After consulting the attending physician you can also Allergy sufferers versus Corona be vaccinated.

Kassel – after a year full Contact restrictions, Masks and Minimum clearances an improvement in the overall situation does not seem to be a long way off. The first trucks with the new one are in North Rhine-Westphalia Corona vaccine of Biontech arrived – the big vaccination should take place on Sunday (December 27th, 2020) in Germany start.

With all the good news, there’s one piece of news Great Britain thoughtful. Two men who were vaccinated there suffered one allergic shock. It was later revealed that both had a long history of anaphylaxis. Accordingly, they used to have other substances allergic responds. Now the British Medicines Agency is advising that people with severe allergies should not get vaccinated.

Auxiliary materials are responsible for possible incompatibility with the corona vaccine. Allergy sufferers should consult a doctor before vaccination. (Symbol image)

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Ludger Klimek, President of the Doctors’ Association of German Allergists, told Spiegel that around 24 million people in Germany have a Allergy but only a fraction of them are so severely affected that they will have an allergic reaction after the Corona– Vaccination must be expected. Nevertheless, not everyone should be vaccinated without hesitation.

Corona vaccination: how often does an allergic reaction occur?

In a statement by Medical Association of German Allergologists (AeDA) it says: “Allergic reactions to Vaccines are very rare and occur in 1 in 1,000,000 up to 30 in 100,000 vaccinations ”. According to the experts, the allergies are common to individuals Auxiliary materials triggered. These are important for the product to be injected at all.

Anaphylactic shock

The severe allergic reaction can be life threatening. Shock is the body’s reaction to a specific allergen; several organs can be affected. In addition to skin irritation, vomiting and dizziness are possible. Patients can also suffer from circulatory collapse. Treatment is possible with cortisone, adrenaline or an anti-allergic agent, for example. The faster the treatment, the lower the allergic shock.

Vaccine component to blame for allergic shock after corona vaccination

According to information from the picture, it is assumed in the case of the two British that the vaccine component Polyethylenglykol (PEG) was the trigger for the anaphylactic shock. According to the Medical Association of German Allergologists (AeDA), this allergy is very rare, only about one to three percent of the population are affected. Accordingly, one has to do with classic allergies like Grasses, House dust and Pollen have no concerns. Only if severe intolerances are known should the person treating you before the corona vaccination doctor be visited or asked for advice.

Anyone in the past a strong allergic reaction on Medication or others Vaccinations should seek medical advice. The experts also give hope. According to Ludger Klimek, President of the Association of German Allergists, it does not automatically mean that people with a history of allergies do not oppose Corona could be vaccinated. On the contrary: if the previous knowledge exists, it can Personal im Vaccination center be forewarned and prepared for an emergency.

Before the corona vaccination: what to do if you have a known severe allergy?

  • Contact a doctor and ask about allergies and shock risk
  • Inform about allergies when making an appointment at the vaccination center
  • Inform the staff about allergies on site on the day of vaccination

Researchers have discovered that certain symptoms in patients can be the only signs of corona infection. Now German experts have spoken. (Luisa Ebbrecht) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Rubriklistenbild: © Rogelio V. Solis / dpa

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