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As of December 13th

Vienna (OTS / RK) The Vienna State Medical Directorate and the medical crisis team of the City of Vienna provide regular information on the current number of cases and other key figures on the Covid-19 virus.

All people residing in Vienna who are at least 6 years old can get tested for a coronavirus infection free of charge today. As part of mass testing, rapid antigen tests are performed using a nose or throat swab. You will receive your quick test result on site. To make it easier to take part in the tests, you can now come to the Messe Wien site to be tested without prior notification.

For a test in the other two locations, please continue to register online.

Details on the test, result and procedure can also be found here:

As of Sunday, December 13, 2020, 66,560 positive tests have been confirmed in Vienna since the beginning of the pandemic.

The number of deaths associated with the virus is 744. The deaths include eight men aged 66, 75, 79, 80, 81, 85, 88, and 89 years and three women aged 84, 90 and 98 years.

58,747 people have recovered.

Yesterday, 6,356 corona tests were carried out in Vienna, making a total of 929,542 tests.

The health hotline 1450 has taken 1,292 calls. The service number of the Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) on 0800 555 621 provides information for the population.

Information and answers to frequently asked questions about the corona virus can also be found on the homepage of the City of Vienna at (End) red

Inquiries & contact:

Spokesman for the medical crisis team of the City of Vienna
Tel.: 0676 8118 64528
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