Corona: Warning of a new vaccine – Moderna boss himself sees problems


Even a successful corona vaccine could possibly fail at one point, as one of the manufacturers explains.

Three vaccinations against the Covid 19 pathogen have made the headlines in recent weeks. One of them, the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech, has even been used for the first mass vaccination in Great Britain and is now also approved in the USA. However, the positive reports about the active ingredients developed shouldn’t be too much of a reason for joy, like the manufacturer behind one of the Corona vaccines, Moderna, announces.

Corona vaccine: Moderna boss has these concerns

Regardless of whether the corona vaccine from Moderna, Pfizer and BioNTech or AstraZeneca and Oxford, none of the active ingredients is guaranteed to protect against corona infection, according to the cautionary verdict of Tal Zaks, head of the Moderna company. Zaks told Axios in an interview for HBO that there was no reason to be skeptical about taking the vaccine. Nevertheless, restrictions are to be expected.

The test results of the new corona vaccines such as those from Moderna rather show that those affected can be saved from a severe course of the disease. The protection against infection itself is not proven, according to Zaks. You would not rule out the possibility that people could get infected for a short time and pass the virus on.

First approvals applied for

However, a reduction in the risk of infection is quite likely, said Zaks. According to the company, the moderna corona vaccine should have an effectiveness of 94.5 percent. Unlike Zak’s company, the competitors Pfizer and BioNTech are already with the first administrations. To date, only a few more severe reactions to the coronavirus vaccine have been reported. Generally, however, a maximum of mild to moderate side effects is assumed.

In China, however, the first vaccinations could also come soon. An initial application for approval for a corona vaccine was also applied for there. A tester reported how BioNTech’s active ingredient behaves. For Germany, however, there could be a problem with the coronavirus vaccinations.

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