Coronavirus / Italy: Lonely Christmas – 94-year-old has a brilliant idea and the police join in


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All alone at the festival. In the corona pandemic, many people were lonely at Christmas. An Italian man had an idea – and called the police.

  • At Christmas a man in Italy felt lonely and depressed.
  • The 94-year-old picked up the phone and reported an unusual emergency call to the police.
  • Two carabinieri granted his wish and came by to toast.

Bologna – There was a special emergency call to the police on Christmas Eve Alto Reno Terme a. “Would you have an officer who could come over to see me for ten minutes?” The caller asked aloud German press agency. His children are far away and he feels depressed. Because of the corona pandemic, they couldn’t visit him

Coronavirus: lonely Christmas in Italy – pensioners call the police

“I’m not missing anything, I’m just missing a person to be with Christmas can kick off, ”complained the 94-year-old Italian. Unfortunately, contact restrictions and strict Corona rules have not only meant a lonely festival for many people in Germany.

Corona emergency call answered: Police toast 94-year-old at Christmas – family probably stunned

Two uniformed men set off. And so they took care of Carabinieri for a soulful ending to what is actually a sad story. The three of them toasted Christmas. The lonely pensioner then told his company anecdotes about his experiences from the Second World War.

A 94-year-old called 911 in Alto Reno Terme because he was lonely.

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His family must then have been amazed. Together with the officials, he did one Video call to relatives. The extraordinary Christmas drink was captured in a photo.

Coronavirus: Lockdown over Christmas and New Years – especially older people often lonely

Just over Christmas and New Year many people feel alone in lockdown. Just a phone call can be balm for the soul. The greatest hope is of course the vaccination start. The first injection has now also been given in Germany. In most countries, old people are the first to be vaccinated. Hopefully lonely holiday emergency calls will soon be a thing of the past.

Are you currently feeling depressed? During the Corona-Pandemie this affects more and more people. You can find help here.

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