Coronavirus: LH Kaiser – 3rd lockdown instead of Christmas rest


LH Kaiser sees the right things in the new measures, some errors and unresolved detailed questions – Carinthia will comply with federal orders

Klagenfurt (OTS) (LPD). Carinthia’s governor Peter Kaiser sees a third lockdown instead of a Christmas rest in the new measures announced today by the federal government. “Everything must be done to protect the health of people in Austria in order to ultimately achieve the highest possible vaccination rate. On the way to this common goal, however, the federal government should take into account the reality of people’s lives as well as possible collateral and long-term damage, ”said Kaiser after today’s video conference between the governors and the federal government.

The even longer suspension of regular lessons for another week is a massive educational and social problem for children, young people and parents. At least it is gratifying that his, Kaiser’s, proposal was received positively and is being examined, according to which the summer vacation will be postponed one week and thus shortened.

The compulsory test indirectly imposed by the federal government for all who want to shorten the lockdown from January 18th, which applies until January 24th, is also more than questionable. Regardless of this, there is a threat of further negative consequences for the labor market and the economy. Many detailed questions have also been unanswered. For example, how many weeks and months the federal government intends to carry out mass tests, how these should be managed in terms of personnel and who will pay the costs.

Overall, the governor hopes that there will be no further loss of confidence on the part of the population. “Just a few days ago, the federal government presented people and companies with a timetable for the next few weeks, today a lot is different. “I understand and support certain necessities, but I also understand that the population is more and more insecure due to the constant back and forth, constantly changing and changing requirements of the federal government and therefore consciously or unconsciously no longer go along with compliance with the rules wants ”, said Kaiser, who welcomed the opportunity to exercise outdoors while observing uniform national hygiene measures and regulations during the upcoming lockdown. He had already discussed the new federal measures with the social partners in Carinthia.

“What is finally needed, and I have been demanding for a long time, is an urgently needed information and communication strategy. The federal government must urgently consider awareness-raising measures for the population in this regard, both via conventional media channels and, in particular, in order to reach young people, in social media.

The long-term goal must be to convince the population to accept the corona vaccination as an indispensable aid and protection instrument for their own lives and those of others, ”said Kaiser. In general, the vaccination should be administered throughout Germany at the same time. If the willingness of the population in Austria to vaccinate against TBE is 79 percent, and in Carinthia even higher, then it should also be possible with the life-saving vaccination against the coronavirus with appropriate persuasion. (Enough)

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