Coronavirus mutation from England in Germany since November


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The particularly contagious coronavirus mutation B1.1.7 from England has been in Germany since November.

The Hannover Medical School has now verified it in samples.

A few days ago, the mutation was also detected in a woman who came to Baden-Württemberg from Great Britain.

The coronavirus mutation from England, which is considered particularly contagious, was already in Germany in November. The Lower Saxony Ministry of Health announced this on Monday evening. It was subsequently detected by the Hannover Medical School in a case of infection in November.

It was the samples of a very old Covid 19 patient with previous illnesses and his wife who have now died. The reference laboratory at the Berlin Charité has also confirmed the virus variant B1.1.7.

Daughter was apparently infected in England

According to the ministry, the patient’s daughter was in England in November and is believed to have been infected there. The daughter and wife of the deceased have now recovered. There are no further infections in connection with these cases, according to the ministry.

The first case in which the coronavirus mutation was detected from England became known a few days ago. A woman from Great Britain entered Baden-Württemberg on December 20, and the mutated variant B1.1.7 was also detected. But the case in Lower Saxony is now the earliest evidence of the mutation, which is considered particularly contagious, in Germany.


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