Coronavirus – PBZ Waidhofen is looking for volunteers


Councilor Silvia Hraby, the director of the Waidhofen care and support center Sonja Kirchweger and Mayor Werner Krammer (from left) are looking for volunteers for visitor management.


The nursing homes have been facing enormous challenges since the outbreak of the corona pandemic. The residents, who all belong to the risk group, must be specially protected, but here too social contact must not be neglected.

In the care and support center Waidhofen, the Lower Austrian Civil Protection Association takes on the visitor management. This includes the reception of visitors including fever measurements and data collection. City councilor Silvia Hraby also supports with the acquisition of volunteers.

It all started with the members of the JVP Waidhofen and the rural youth in Waidhofen. “We are still looking for helping hands for the coming weeks and months. Anyone who has time and would like to make a contribution can contact me directly, ”says Hraby.

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