Coronavirus – positive case in kindergarten in Ardagger Markt


Yesterday a corona infection showed up in the Ardagger Markt kindergarten. The facility was closed, as reported by Mayor Hannes Pressl. “Fortunately, children up to the age of 6 are hardly any virus carriers, so they are classified as K2 persons in contact tracing.

There is therefore no need for quarantine for their parents, “says the local chief. Nevertheless, you should still pay particular attention to compliance with the rules of distance and the appearance of symptoms in order to slow down the spread of the disease.

Twelve new cases since the weekend

Unfortunately, there has been a general increase in the corona numbers since the weekend. Twelve new people have been reported as infected since Saturday. “The number of those actively positively infected has risen again to 41, deducting those who have recovered! And unfortunately, after consultation and confirmation by our team of house doctors, Dr. Karin and Ferenc H√∂llrigl-Raduly, it should also be noted that people visit the doctor and therefore also have tests avoid in order not to have to go into quarantine if there is a positive test, “reports Pressl.

He emphasizes that this attitude leads to the virus spreading faster. “The identification of the virus is simply a service that is closest to you, which is why you don’t get infected,” said the local chief.

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