Coronavirus: Second infection is rare


A report of a second coronavirus infection is currently such an attractive event that it almost always makes it into the news channels. Now the news service BNO from the Netherlands has published a “Covid-19 Reinfection Tracker”, which is updated daily: Here all confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 reinfections are collected and also briefly described. The first confirmed case of reinfection was reported in Hong Kong in late August. Thereafter, 27 additional cases have been reported to date that have withstood the rigorous scrutiny required for inclusion on the list.

Those who have survived Covid-19 are usually immune

The noted 27 cases show that reinfections with the new coronavirus are actually very rare. After all, the Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, USA, currently has more than 73 million infections with the pathogen worldwide. Anything else would also have been surprising: Under normal circumstances, the virus evokes a stable immune response that usually protects those who have been infected from a new infection.

In addition to the Reinfection Tracker, BNO has published a second list in which “suspected cases” of reinfection are listed. To date, more than 1,700 cases and 22 deaths are listed here. It is also important to know: BNO is not an established scientific organization. The abbreviation BNO stands for “BreakingNewsOn”. The company is a messaging service based in the Netherlands that was launched in 2010.

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