Coronavirus series: “Skiing without restaurants is not possible”


by Matthias Ackeret

Mr. Jenny, when the Graub√ľnden government decided to keep the ski areas open over Christmas, you must have taken a load off your heart …
No not only.

What does that mean? Is skiing even possible without restaurants?
Not for me. But maybe for extreme athletes and very Spartan, fanatical ski fans. No, seriously: The problem is also the logistical challenges like toilets and so on. How should I explain to a restaurateur that he is not allowed to open his restaurant, but should please clean his toilets? That’s absurd.

Don’t the landlords feel disadvantaged compared to the hotels and the ski areas?
You have to ask the hosts. I suppose yes.

What preparations are you making for the holidays?
We judge anew every day. What is a bit tedious is planning security. I personally take one day at a time – but of course we think in scenarios.

How many guests are there now in St. Moritz?
It’s quite crowded – but not overcrowded. The hotels are of course not
all sold out.

How is their mood?
Come and judge for yourself!

Will there even be New Years Eve celebrations?
Probably already: In Russia and Australia the year transition is earlier; very clever hoteliers have come up with something.

How do you personally spend the festive season?
In a hotel – I want to know what the mood is like this special year.

You are also still an artist. What does that mean for you now?
That the year 2021 will be great.

You have criticized the Zurich government’s decision to close the ski areas. Do you feel a little schadenfreude now?
No not at all. They should cook their soup, we should cook ours.

What was the most formative moment for you in the last few weeks?
A very personal …

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