CoV mass tests for around 1,300 Salzburg police officers



After mass tests in Annaberg-Lungötz (Tennengau) and in the Salzburg teaching staff, the police are now also carrying out a Covid 19 screening. Precisely because police officers have to do with a particularly large number of people on duty, the state police department says.

Starting on Monday, the tests will initially be carried out in two waves in order to gain reliable knowledge. Because the approximately 2,000 police officers who are on duty in Salzburg are in constant contact with the population, but there is no data on the infection rate within the workforce, rapid tests will be started on Monday, says police spokesman Hans Wolfgruber: “It is in the area of ​​the Salzburg State Police Department so that we will test at least 1,300 police officers for the Covid virus. The majority of the remaining police officers have been tested anyway due to official or personal contacts. All in all, we should then manage a thorough test of around 80 percent. “

A positive rapid test is followed by a PCR test

If someone tests positive for the coronavirus, a more precise PCR test is carried out. With the rapid tests, however, the police want to achieve more than just a virological snapshot, says Wolfgruber: “The tests are carried out on several days, starting on Monday 7 December. A second series of tests will follow on December 14th in order to be able to cover any incubation period and to uncover an objectively usable result. ”Participation in the police test program is voluntary, emphasizes Wolfgruber. The tests are carried out in the state police headquarters and in the district police command, so that operations are not disrupted, according to the police spokesman.

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