Cyberpunk 2077 – New Proton Version makes the RPG work on Linux too


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Good news for all Linux gamers with AMD GPUs: Cyberpunk 2077 runs with the new Proton version 5.13-4 on various Linux distributions! With this success, developer Valve wants to prove that the open source operating system is also suitable for gamers. Special thanks go to CD Projekt Red, who apparently gave the programmers access to early builds to make development easier.

As of today, the RPG highlight Cyberpunk 2077 has finally appeared, and many players will likely be mostly in Night City for the next Christmas days. Anyone who previously thought that only Windows players could enjoy the latest work from CD Projekt Red are mistaken: Thanks to the Proton software developed by Valve, it is possible to plunge into the futuristic adventure on various Linux distributions – at least if you have an AMD graphics card!

Proton should show: Linux is also suitable for gaming

Proton is based on the Wine runtime environment and was first released in 2018. Just like Wine, the software is open-source and aims to attract more gamers to the Linux platform. Because the OS still has the old image that games do not run at all or only run poorly on the free operating system. With Cyberpunk 2077 Valve has therefore chosen the best conceivable candidate in order to prove the opposite with the corresponding media coverage – as happened at this point.

To embark on an adventure with Johnny Silverhand, you need Proton version 5.13-4 and, who would have thought it, just as potent hardware as under Windows. This is probably the biggest limitation because, as mentioned above, an AMD GPU is required. The Mesa 3D graphics library is also required. Special Linux distributions that are tailored to the needs of players, such as Manjaro Linux or Garuda Linux, offer the library in their repository for installation.

A special thank you from Valve in person Programmierers Pierre-Loup Griffais goes out to CD Projekt Red: They got access to pre-builds, which made the porting work easier.

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