Darmstadt for Dynamo as a teaching example: “Shows that there is still a lot of work ahead of us”


In the duel against SV Darmstadt 98, Dynamo Dresden was shown the limits. Marcus Kauczinski acknowledges the superiority of the guests without envy.

Dresden – The duel leader of the 3rd division against the tenth of the 2nd division in DFB-Pokal promised a duel on equal terms. But it wasn’t. Darmstadt 98 showed Dynamo Dresden at the 3:0 the limits.

Frustrated Dynamo players after the cup (from left): Ransford-Yeboah Königsdörffer, Julius Kade, Maximilian Große © Lutz Hentschel

“Not that bad,” says coach Markus Kauczinski. “It shows that there is still work to be done.”

He also doesn’t fear a dent in his team.

“The cup and the championship are two different competitions. One has nothing to do with the other, and it makes a difference to play against a top team in the second division. The defeat is not a problem. We have classified that last few weeks are not forgotten, give us a lot of self-confidence, “said the 50-year-old.

But Kauczinski has also seen that second division football is even more.

Darmstadt acted faster, safer on the ball, more precise, cleaner, more energetic, and above all more clarified. There was no hectic rush, while it always sprouted up at the Dresdeners when things got ahead. The balls were gone too quickly. Dynamo almost never got into the switching moments. That needs to be improved, the lilies have given perfect object lessons and showed what Dresden is still missing in a second division troupe.

Markus Kauczinski knows: "We have been shown our limits."

Markus Kauczinski knows: “We were shown our limits.” © Lutz Hentschel

“Defeats are part of it, we have been spoiled in the last few weeks. Now we have been shown our limits, but that is no break. I told the team that too,” explained Kauczinski.

“We don’t break what we have created. But it is also not bad to see that there is still a way to go, no matter in which direction, in which phase of the game, with ball against the ball, that we still have room for improvement . ”

Darmstadt was just better.

“We take note of that, we accept. We are fighting to get better. We have made good steps so far. So it is not bad that we are still in the middle of development,” says the coach.

This should be completed by May at the latest with a possible promotion. Then one of the opponents would certainly be called Darmstadt again – possibly at eye level.

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