Dead baby found in garden – two suspects arrested


In England a passer-by had found the body of a newborn baby in the garden of a house. At first the case was considered unclear, but two suspects have now been found. The charge: infanticide.

In Weston-super-Mare, a town in southern Great Britain, a man and a woman are under investigation for the alleged murder of an infant. A passerby found the body of the newborn boy on Saturday evening in a private garden and called the police.

The personal connections are unclear

The newborn’s mother was found a little later and taken to hospital. The case was initially classified as unclear, but the officials are now investigating alleged infanticide. “Due to significant developments in our investigation, I can confirm that we are now treating the baby’s death as a potential murder,” said James Riccio, investigator.

The relationship between the mother and her newborn baby and the two defendants is not yet known. An autopsy should clarify the events towards the end of the week.

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