Decision in Stuttgart: The garbage fee will rise in 2021 – Stuttgart


By Konstantin Schwarz

The disposal of residual waste will also be more expensive in the coming year. The city councils follow the recommendation of the waste management company.

The garbage collection in the state capital is done by the staff of the municipal waste management company. For the service, citizens will have to dig deeper into their pockets again in 2021.

Photo: Lichtgut / Leif Piechowski

Stuttgart – The garbage fees in the state capital will also be increased for the year 2021. The technical committee of the local council unanimously approved a premium of 2.5 percent – a total of 1.3 million euros. In 2020, the fee increased by a total of 1.8 million or an average of 3.62 percent. As in 2020, the fee for organic waste is to remain unchanged in 2021, this also applies to direct deliveries to the waste incineration plant and to the container prices at parties and events. In its calculation for 2021, the waste management company (AWS) has included surpluses from previous years of around 3.38 million euros. In the business plan, the AWS expects costs of 91.8 million euros for 2021, the largest items being incineration at the EnBW plant in Münster with 39 million and personnel expenses at 25 million euros, on the income side the fees at 59.8 Millions and revenues from cooperation with districts of around 18.9 million euros.

120 liter tons popular

When it comes to garbage collection, the Stuttgart-based company relies on a two-week emptying cycle. The fee for the most frequently used 120-liter container (around 43,700 pieces) increases for this frequency from EUR 211.20 to EUR 216.60 per year, and for the 240-liter container (32,100 pieces) from 376.20 to 385.20 euros. In the case of the 1.1 cubic meter container (11,000 pieces), weekly emptying increases from 789.60 to 806.80 euros.

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