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On Twitter, # EisenmannRücktritt often calls for the Minister of Education to withdraw. The reason is their proposal to return to classroom teaching in schools from January 10th, despite the high corona incidence.

Education Minister Susanne Eisenmann ( CDU) caused a real wave of outrage on Twitter.

Even the hashtag # EisenmannRücktritt made the rounds: The Juso state chairwoman, Lara Herter, was outraged by Eisenmann’s statement. Wanting to stick to face-to-face teaching at any price is at the expense of students and teachers in Baden-Württemberg. She demanded the resignation of the Minister of Education.

There was also sharp criticism of Eisenmann’s statement from federal politics. For example, Bundestag member Karl Lauterbach (SPD) wrote:

Esken: Success of the corona measures still unclear

Saskia Esken, federal chairman of the SPD, wrote on Twitter that she could not take Eisenmann’s demand seriously. Schools couldn’t be opened regardless of the incidence numbers:

State Ministry: School opening depends on the infection rate

In addition, the State Ministry (@RegierungBW) contradicted Eisenmann’s statement in parts. The “online editorial staff of the Ministry of State”, as it says in the account info, tweeted:

When asked by the SWR, the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg confirmed the statement of the tweet: That measures depend on the infection rate already results from the Corona Ordinance, which is why no exceptions can be made for the school sector. In one another tweet the State Ministry emphasized that in the coming days “first of all a reliable trend is needed to reliably assess the current situation.” Only then will there be a coordinated approach between the federal states on this issue, “at the coming Prime Minister’s Conference on 5.1.2021.”

Ministry of Culture wants to stick to face-to-face teaching

A spokesman for the Ministry of Culture confirmed Eisenmann’s statement. However, the decision to open schools and daycare centers will ultimately be decided by the Prime Minister’s Conference with the Federal Chancellor on January 5th, a spokesman for the Ministry of Culture told SWR. “The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Culture is of course preparing various scenarios.”

“There should be social consensus that education and care have a different priority than other areas of life.”

Spokesman for the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Culture

Eisenmann continues to campaign within the government to look at daycare centers and elementary schools separately when opening steps, because digital teaching or learning is not possible for children of this age. In this respect, it is just as legitimate as it is necessary to make appropriate suggestions and weigh them up according to the age of the students, emphasized the spokesman. A blanket rejection would not do justice to this important and sensitive issue. The school is more than just a place of learning. In addition, many other factors besides the incidence figures played a role in the assessment of the infection process. Assessments by child psychologists and paediatricians also showed how important it is for children and young people to meet their peers. This aspect should be considered in the overall assessment, the spokesman continued.

In the current Corona Ordinance on Schools, Section 6b currently regulates that in urban and rural districts with very high incidence rates, alternating lessons can be ordered from schools. However, this is only possible from year 8 onwards. A change between correspondence and face-to-face teaching is planned for an incidence of 200 per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days.


Minister of Education Eisenmann does not believe in teaching from a distance – especially not for younger children. The CDU politician insists that schools open their doors again soon in the new year. Regardless of the number of infections. A reaction from the State Ministry followed via Twitter.

GEW chairperson: Incidence figures for school openings are considerable

The state chairman of the Education and Science Union (GEW), Monika Stein, said in an interview with SWR that the opening of schools must be made dependent on the incidence figures after the lockdown. “If the numbers have not dropped enormously afterwards, we have a problem. Then I think we have to refrain from going straight back to face-to-face teaching”. Other options would then have to be considered, such as alternating lessons or emergency care for children whose parents work in systemically relevant professions. It is the responsibility of politicians to find uniform national rules as to which measures are taken from which incidence. The inadequate coordination put the school management under the greatest strain. The teachers are also mostly “on the edge of their nerves”, Stein continues.

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