Designer Michalsky enthusiastic about Leni Klum: “Professional, personable”


Updated on December 16, 2020, 8:42 am

  • Fashion designer Michael Michalsky is enthusiastic about Leni Klum’s model qualities.
  • Her mother Heidi Klum’s former “Germany’s Next Topmodel” jury colleague raves about the young model and predicts a great career for him.

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With the “Vogue”-Shooting Leni Klum (16) made a model debut that attracted public attention. Heidi Klum’s daughter has entered the public and catwalk business Conversation piece, also with companions of her mother Heidi Klum. Fashion designer Michael Michalsky raves about Leni Klum in an n-tv interview.

Michalsky: “Heidi didn’t push”

Heidi Klum’s former “Germany’s Next Topmodel” jury colleague shows himself excited from Leni Klum’s “Vogue” pictures that it was a “consistent and correct step”that the 53-year-old had already expected. Leni Klum works for him in the pictures “professional and personable”.

“Heidi didn’t push, she did Leni’s development promoted and accompanies “, said Michael Michalsky in the interview. He is of the opinion that Leni Klum will soon without her mother’s support get along and make their own way. Michalsky wants to help himself and Leni Klum too in the future book for his fashion shows.

Leni already has Klum on her Instagram channel with just nine photos more than 430,000 followers and proudly presents her “Vogue” debut there. Her mother Heidi was with her kind every now and then Target of spot and malice. Michalsky thinks that Leni also has them right personalityto survive in the modeling world.
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Heidi Klum is currently shooting the new season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” in Berlin. Since she has been in Germany, another family member has been stepping onto the international Instagram stage.

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