Destiny 2: Holiday Delights and the Keepers Preparing for Dawn


When dawn lights the tower, Guardians around the world don their aprons and distribute their baked goodies. Dawning is a free seasonal event where all Destiny 2 players can bake treats, spread the holiday spirit, and receive in-game gifts. The event starts on December 15th and runs until January 5th – enough time for fans to get in the holiday mood and bake their sweet tasty treats.

Even the frozen moon Europe cannot prevent Eva Levante from warming the hearts of the Guardians.

Guardians are called to preheat the ovens and gather all the ingredients to spread their biscuits and the holiday spirit in the solar system. New dealers and new seasonal rewards – maybe even an unexpected gift or two – await those who like to bake on an assembly line.

To celebrate the time of year, Guardians can create a mood of dawn by completing missions, forays, and recipes. This counts for personal and community goals. The more the players get into the holiday mood, the better rewards Eva has in store for them.

This ship ensures a festive, happy voyage.

A new exotic ship awaits players who want to go on a trip to the stars. The ship offers various features that are unlocked by creating a mood of dawn, including three selectable engine effects, a unique teleport effect, an animated shader and more!

Tess Everis has some festive items in the shop window, including an elf-inspired ghost sleeve and festive weapon ornaments. Guardians can get them in the Everversum Store for glossy dust or silver.

The elf ghost shell (unfortunately) does not contain a real elf.

To find out more about the dawn, click here. Instructions for opening can be found here.

The annual Game2Give “Guardian of Light” donation initiative is coming to an end. Guardians raised over $ 1.3 million in donations to help sick and recovering children through the Bungie Foundation’s iPads for Kids and Children’s Miracle Network Hospital’s Extra Life programs.

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