Did the Berlin Senate prefer the state-owned clinics?


BerlinThe state-owned clinics Charité and Vivantes have apparently benefited disproportionately from the distribution of vaccination doses for their employees. That comes from a report of the Tagesspiegel. Accordingly, the two clinics received 1,000 rations, half of all vaccine doses intended for Berlin clinic employees. You have already started large-scale vaccination campaigns.

Meanwhile, many Berlin hospitals, whose intensive care units also care for Covid 19 patients, are waiting for the promised vaccine in order to be able to immunize their employees. The aim is to prevent staff absences due to illness and thus maintain care. Accordingly, some hospitals do not even know the date when they should have the vaccine delivered.

The Sankt Gertrauden Hospital in Wilmersdorf expects the vaccine to arrive next week at the earliest. They are also waiting for information from the Senate Administration in the Havelhöhe Community Hospital and the Berlin Accident Hospital in Marzahn. The Caritas-Klinik Pankow is even assuming that the vaccination of its employees will not start until mid-January.

It would be unsatisfactory and incomprehensible to distribute the vaccine doses preferably to selected hospital operators, according to the Berlin Hospital Society. “ In the meantime it has been possible to make around 1000 vaccine doses available to other Berlin hospitals,” says BKG spokeswoman Barbara Ogrinz. The BKG hope that the hospitals will be supplied with vaccines more reliably in the future.

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