Did you know? “Let’s Dance” -Ekat was born at exactly midnight


Ekaterina Leonova (33) provides her fans with detailed details from her private life! Since the beginning of December, the Let’s Dance personality has surprised her supporter every day with a post and a new story from her life – as part of a social media advent calendar. The professional dancer has already revealed details that her community is guaranteed not to know about: Ekat was born at exactly midnight!

“I was born on April 23, 1987 at midnight in the megacity of Volgograd,” declared Ekaterina their Instagram-Fans and stressed: “Since I was born at midnight, you had to agree on a date of birth.” The decisive reason was then her father’s birthday – he celebrates his special day on April 24th. “I was registered as a present on April 23,” said the dancer.

They had themselves Ekaterinas Parents apparently presented their birth a little differently beforehand. “Actually, I was planned by my parents as a boy,” reported the pretty brunette and joked: “But fate had other plans.” How do you like it that Ekat reveals so many details from her private life? Take part in the survey!

Children’s photo by Ekaterina Leonova
Ekaterina Leonova, “Let’s Dance”-Profit√§nzerin
Ekaterina Leonova im August 2020

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