Did you know? Oliver Pocher’s management pushed Sarah Harrison


In the past few years, Sarah Harrison’s (29) life has turned 180 degrees. The former Bachelor candidate, who once undressed for Playboy, became a successful YouTuber, entrepreneur and mother of two daughters. But how did the young woman from G├╝nzburg manage to be a welcome guest at the most popular events in Germany? In fact, she owes it to the management of Oliver Pocher (42), among others …

“Many don’t even know that Sarah met your manager a few years ago and tried desperately to get known”, Oli’s wife Amira (28) is now surprisingly in a podcast episode of “The Pochers here” price. “I got to know her back then, she was just in Playboy and of course she wanted to make something out of that and continue to do so. Then we did two or three things for them in terms of management and helped push them, “the comedian brings light into the darkness.

Among other things, the team advised Sarah at the time to go towards fitness and, for example, to shoot YouTube tutorials – and that actually went down pretty well with the fans. “If a playmate does fitness, a little sex sells and then you don’t look completely like a sewing machine, then of course you can make a little something out of it and she made something out of it. Dominic comes from the fitness area too, they got to know each other and then at some point they started making their family docusoap on the internet, “says Oli, more or less looking back at the beginnings of Sarah’s career.

Oliver and Amira Pocher, TV stars
Oliver Pocher, comedian

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Dominic und Sarah Harrison

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