Dollar in the low – the euro climbs again to a new high


Euro and dollar bills

The majority of global transactions are processed in these two currencies.

(Photo: Reuters)

Frankfurt The course of the euro expanded its gains of the past few days on Thursday. In the morning, the common currency cost up to US $ 1.2126, more than it had for a good two and a half years. The day before, the euro had already reached a high since April 2018. The euro was then at $ 1.2460, but then plummeted in May.

The European Central Bank (ECB) set the reference rate on Wednesday at 1.2066 dollars. On Thursday, the markets’ attention will turn to the service sector. Important sentiment indicators are published in both Europe and the US. The service providers suffer greatly from the corona restrictions. Accordingly, the mood there is much worse than in the industrial sector.

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