Donald Trump: jail after handover to Biden? He could resort to unprecedented means in US history


With the official swearing in of Joe Biden in January, Donald Trump not only surrenders the White House, but also his immunity. Lawsuits could follow – Trump could try to protect himself from them.

  • The right to pardon is available to every US president.
  • Trump could apply it to himself as the first president in US history.
  • With the handover to Biden, Trump loses his immunity.

Washington D. C. – Traditionell pardoned every US president two turkeys before Thanksgiving. Trump also followed this tradition every year. However, it’s not always about turkeys, often they are real human life involved. Because Pardons pronounce – that’s that privilegethat every US president, including the president in Germany, is entitled to. A distinction is made between two cases in the USA. The „commutation“ only reduces the sentence while that „pardon“ completely forgives the crime.

Donald Trump: will Rudy Giuliani follow after Roger Stone’s pardon?

Trump practiced that Pardon several times during his presidency. Including in controversial and prominent cases. For example, Donald Trump kept his confidante Roger Stone facing jail a few months before this year’s election. Roger Stone was previously due False testimony and disabilities sentenced to more than three years in prison in the wake of the Russia affair. The Democrats then threw the president Abuse of office in front.

It also happens again and again that people, mostly in public life, express their own desire for a pardon. So wrote the Netflix star Joe Exotic, self-proclaimed “Tiger King”, wrote to the President asking for his 22-year sentence for murder to be waived. Also Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani should have approached him with this concern.

Jail? Can Trump pardon himself? A possible question for the US Supreme Court

After Joe Exotic and Rudy Guiliani, a publicly well-known person is now planning to ask Trump for a pardon. And this is the incumbent US President himself. The background: With Biden’s inauguration in January Trump loses his immunity. With the loss of the same, Trump can go to court to be accused.

There are enough reasons for this, Trump will be among other things Tax offenses and abuse of office accused. Various lawsuits are therefore likely, the political scientist Thomas Hunter is expressed in the Focus Video interview also with the words: “He must have to fear that afterwards.”

It would be that first time in United States historythat a US president pardoned himself. The question of whether this would be lawful at all has not yet been fully clarified in court. According to hunters, this question could be before the Supreme Court land on which since the swearing in of Trump’s candidate Barrett there is a conservative majority. (bread)

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