Donald Trump’s feud with “idiot” Governor Brian Kemp: Daughter receives death threats


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The governor of Georgia fails to comply with Donald Trump’s demands. The US president indulges in abuse. Now the family of Brian Kemp is attacked.

  • After Election defeat in Georgia power Donald Trump especially Governor Brian Kemp responsible.
  • The feud also shows a split in the Republican Party. Now Kemp’s family is receiving death threats from supporters Donald Trumps.
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Update from Saturday, December 19th, 2020, 8 a.m .: The pressure on the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, increases a few weeks before the Runoff elections in Georgia noticeably. Followers: inside the still-President and Donald Trump himself have been verbally attacking the Republican on Twitter for weeks because he won the Joe Biden in Georgia recognized. Now the attacks are picking up Brian Kemp yet another dimension: According to a report in the daily newspaper The Atlantic Journal Constitution is now also Kemps 19 year old daughter Lucy Kemp Target of hatred and death threats from followers: inside Donald Trumps.

Donald Trump insults Georgia governor – daughter receives death threats from supporters

According to the statements of Kemp the 19-year-old received shocking text messages with absurd conspiracy theories. “The social media messages my kids are getting are insane – from death threats to allegations of taking bribes from China,” the Republican said Georgia.

Georgia: Trump supporters threaten Republican Governor Brian Kemp’s family

“If someone has a problem with something I’ve done, they should come to me and talk to me about it. You don’t have to harass my wife, my children or anyone else, ”said Kemp also about the attacks from the fans Donald Trumps. The daughter of Brian Kemp is likely going through a tough time anyway: your long-time friend Harrison Deal died in a car accident last month. That’s why the governor had out Georgia also posted a tweet with a family statement on Twitter.

First report from Tuesday, December 15th, 2020, 10:00 a.m .: Atlanta – Actually as a stronghold of republican known, changed Georgia in the US election 2020 to Swing State – and as one of several that Donald Trump became doomed. Since 1992 (Bill Clinton) there hasn’t been one Democrats can win more. For the defeat, which was decided by a deficit of 11,779 votes, looks Trump above all one culprit: the governor Brian Kemp. Between the two Republicans a real enmity developed.

Donald Trump incites Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp on Twitter.


US President Donald Trump loses in Georgia: Governor Brian Kemp is to blame

Since January 2019 Brian Kemp Governor of Georgia. As a member of the “Grand Old Party” he is in a party that Donald Trump mostly supported. Weeks after the US election becomes Kemp from the fans of thePresident declared “enemy of the people” because he won the victory of Joe Biden recognized and validated in his state.

However, the relationship between the two is said to have been battered for a long time, as reported by the Washington Post. In 2018 there was Donald Trump his support for Brian Kemp known in the gubernatorial election, but did not feel valued enough for it. Flew in late 2019 Brian Kemp to Washington to Trump Kelly Loeffler, with whom he wanted to fill the vacant Senate post. “If you have made your decision, then I’m not sure why you are here,” is supposed to US President grumbled and later described Kemp as “rude” and “rude”. What started as a slight offense has now grown to dangerous proportions.

US President Donald Trump has declared the governor his enemy. (Archive photo)

© Erin Schaff / Imago Images

Donald Trump defeated in Georgia: Governor Brian Kemp declared an enemy

Donald Trump incites his fans Twitter further against Brian Kemp on, calls him a “sucker” or “clown”. Because the governor of Georgia wanted to meet the demands of President do not bow the outcome of the US election challenge in court and persuade Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to win the Joe Biden to tilt. Unlike many others republican Kemp sees no legal basis for the procedure. That the state was lost at all was mainly the fault of the governor.

“The republican fell into a trap because they expected Brad Raffensperger and Brian Kemp would cheat for them, ”said Jordan Fuchs, a long-time strategist for the party in Georgia and Vice State Secretary. The relationship between Kemp and Donald Trump has become symptomatic of an increasingly divided Republican party. As insiders of both people reported to the Washington Post, Trump has been the governor since US election have sworn in several phone calls that he is losing popularity and without him President be a nobody.

The relation between Donald Trump and Brian Kemp will also have a significant impact on the Senate runoff elections on January 5, 2021. The two Republican candidates, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, are supposed to Trump have called for public abuse and pressure on the governor.

Donald Trump incites against Governor Brian Kemp on Twitter

Envoy from Donald Trump should Brian Kemp have also warned that the verbal attacks of the US presidents will go on. “We have Georgia clearly won “, said Trump wrongly in December on” Fox and Friends “. “We have a governor here, a Republican governor, who is worse than a Democrat. He is terrible. And it does a lot of harm to Kelly and David, the Senators who are great people. “

Brian Kemp is said to have told his confidante, however, that he did not respond to the attacks by Donald Trump will come. It is true that he wishes the US President stops doing that, but he considers most of the demands on him to be illegal and does not concern himself with them any further. Kemp’s spokesman Cody Hall defended him: “No one has tougher for a re-election of Donald Trump in Georgia worked as Brian Kemp. […] There is no legal basis in state law that the Governor the result cant get into that choice interfere or defy the authority of our elected Secretary of State. “

Donald Trump calls on Brian Kemp to overturn the election result – Georgia Governor refuses

Before the appearance of Donald Trump in Valdosta (Georgia), on December 5th, called the President Brian Kemp again. The governor was struggling with a close-knit death when a family friend and aide to Senator Kelly Loeffler died in a car accident. “It was a tough 24 hours,” Kemp is said to have said. Trump initially assumed that his bad mood was due to the governor’s falling poll number. The US President expressed his condolences, but urged Kemp to put pressure on MPs in Georgia exercise and change the law in such a way that it would be possible to overturn the result.

Brian Kemp, Governor of the US state of Georgia. (Archive photo)

© Mike Stewart / AP / dpa

According to the sources, the conversation was very tense. Threats from Donald Trump would have cemented the animosity between them. Kemp refused, however, and said firmly “no”, which is said to be very unusual for the governor. The demands of Trump were “disgusting enough” that Kemp she clearly refused, so one strategist’s republican. When performing in Valdosta, a congressman was also out Georgia, Doug Collins, on site, whom he openly supported in the running for the 2022 gubernatorial election: “Where’s Doug?” He asked US President the public. “Thank you, Doug. What a job he does. Do you want to be governor in two years? Yes, handsome governor. “

Donald Trump: Hostile Relationship with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

The baiting of Donald Trump went so far that a website with personal information of the “enemies of the people” went online, on which also pictures of Trump-critical politicians: are shown inside under a crosshair. A pastor and well-known supporter of the US presidents demanded on Twitter that Trump “kick Kemp’s door” and “slap him around a bit”. “I will accompany him so that the message is with Brian Kemp arrives. “(Lukas Rogalla)

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