Doskozil: Burgenland does not take part in “show vaccinations”


Burgenland Governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPĂ–) is skeptical of the planned corona vaccinations before the turn of the year. There is a request from the federal government to have the first vaccinations between the holidays. Of course, they also want to sell this in the media: “We don’t take part in these show vaccinations. It’s all about presentation again, it’s all about PR again,” Doskozil told journalists on Tuesday.

“What side effects are there? What does the vaccination mean for allergy sufferers? Is the vaccination genetically modified or not? Can a vaccinated person be a carrier? Is the vaccination just so that the course is dampened? A federal government must answer these questions before you can expects a responsible citizen in Austria: You have to get vaccinated now. The federal government owes us that “, stated Doskozil. Not every federal state can answer that for itself: “Then we have a patchwork carpet from Burgenland to Vorarlberg with a different approach.”

More information, transparency and opinion-forming

“I think it would have been better if the Federal Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor hadn’t visited the baby elephant and had invested more in education, transparency and opinion-forming,” said the governor. Should the vaccination actually take place on December 27th, then those who were vaccinated there should have these questions answered. “Vaccinating someone without answering these questions is, in my opinion, a mockery of the citizens.”

“We are in a pandemic where a vaccine is developed relatively quickly – this has never happened before – and approved within a very short time,” said Doskozil. His personal political opinion is: “If I were to take responsibility at the federal level, I would not allow an Austrian to be vaccinated until these questions have been answered.”

When asked whether the US President-elect Joe Biden would be vaccinated if he did not think the vaccination was safe, Doskozil said that he assumed that Biden had been informed, that he knew and that he was judged for myself to be vaccinated under these conditions. “What applies to the President-elect of the United States must apply to every Austrian,” said Doskozil. He would have himself vaccinated “when these questions have been answered for me” and if the vaccination is necessary because of his previous infection. (apa)

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