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Winter sports areas should only open if the cantonal situation allows this. The Federal Council’s draft at a glance.

According to the Minister of the Interior, the Covid-19 regulation is to be supplemented for the holidays. According to the draft that SRF News has received, it is primarily about special rules for the ski areas. The cantons have until Wednesday to respond to the proposals. On Friday, the Federal Council will definitely decide on restrictions on winter sports. Federal Councilor Berset provides for the following points:

Cantonal permit: The operation of a ski area requires a permit from the cantonal authorities. This should only be granted if the epidemiological situation in the canton allows it. According to the draft, this means: sufficient cantonal capacities for contact tracing, sufficient capacities in hospitals (especially for people with sports injuries) and sufficient test capacities in the winter sports region. In addition, the ski area operators must present a protection concept. The cantons should regularly check the correct implementation.

Admission restriction to the ski area: The Federal Council draft provides for two variants. Either: a maximum of two thirds of the number of guests on the best-attended day of the last winter sports season may be admitted daily. Or: a maximum of 80 percent of the average of the Christmas holidays over the past five years.

Capacity restriction in the ski area: Closed vehicles such as cable car cabins, where one stands, may only be occupied by two thirds. Gondolas or vehicles that only offer seats are not subject to any additional capacity restrictions.



Mask requirement: Masks are required on all lifts, including ski and chair lifts, even when queuing. This should also explicitly apply in busy pedestrian zones in winter sports resorts.

Sufficient distance: When queuing for cable cars, parking lots or restaurants in the ski area, it must be ensured that the required distance can be maintained. The protection concept must also be monitored by personnel.

No access for symptomatic persons: The entry of people suffering from Covid-19 or showing symptoms of Covid-19 disease must be prevented. “Appropriate precautions must be taken for this, namely the duty of visitors to declare themselves and the refusal to transport people with obvious symptoms,” the draft provides.

Other planned restrictions

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The Federal Council’s draft also provides for further measures to «reduce the risk of infection before and during the holidays»:

  • Tightening of the rules for private meetings before Christmas: A maximum of 10 people are still allowed to meet, but only People from a maximum of two households. This also applies to restaurants and bars. From December 24th this additional regulation will be dropped again. This is to ensure that the number of cases is reduced before the holidays and can also be kept low over the holidays.
  • In the shops the Capacity limitation will be tightened – from today 4 to 10 square meters per customer, for small shops to 5 square meters per customer. This regulation already applies in the canton of Geneva.

Restaurants in ski areas: Guests may only be admitted if there is a free table inside. Operations on ski slopes must close at the same time as the ski area.

Winter sports locations also need a protection concept: Not only the railway and restaurant operators need a protection concept, but also the communities with a wide range of winter sports. Because the gathering of people in public spaces should be prevented, according to the draft of the amendment to the ordinance, which is now up to the cantons.

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