Dramatic appeal by the Chancellor: Merkel warns of the last party with grandma and grandpa – domestic politics


The Chancellor is fighting for a tougher lockdown – not analytically and soberly as usual, but with highly emotional words.

The current corona values ​​prove her right: The number of new infections with the corona virus has reached a record high.

The health authorities reported 23,679 new corona infections within 24 hours, according to figures from Thursday morning. The RKI recorded 440 new deaths within one day on Thursday. The previous day, a maximum of 590 deaths had been reported.
Angela Merkel (66, CDU) put her palms together in her speech at the general debate on Wednesday in the Bundestag almost pleadingly. “If we have too many contacts before Christmas and it was the last Christmas with the grandparents afterwards, then we will have missed something.”

The Chancellor really speaks of the death of the oldest generation! In the course of the Corona crisis, she has become more and more insistent in her speeches. In the spring, Merkel explained in her sober way, on Wednesday she pulled out all rhetorical stops.

It was the most emotional speech of her chancellorship:

► Reason for the billions in debt: “In a special situation we have to act special.”
► Hope: “There is light at the end of the tunnel.”

► Promote the rules: “We have to take heart in hand.”

► Great pathos: “I believe in the power of enlightenment!”

She even draws on her own biography: She studied physics because the laws of nature could not be bent by the GDR ideology. The message: We follow the rules of science, please follow us.

Söder wants “complete lockdown” for just under three weeks

Bavaria and Saxony are putting pressure on nationwide even stricter requirements in order to get the corona pandemic under control.

The federal and state governments may once again discuss a joint approach, said Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) on the ZDF program “Markus Lanz”. Because of the Chancellor’s appointments at the EU summit, this could happen at the earliest on the weekend or the beginning of next week.
Söder called for a “complete lockdown” from Christmas to January 10th. “Just shut everything down from the shops to the company holidays in many companies. It would be great if everyone took part. Then we would have just under three weeks in which we can simply reduce contacts. “

And further: “You will not find a better time than this time between Christmas and January 10 throughout the year,” said the CSU boss.

Saxony’s Prime Minister Kretschmer expressed the hope of reaching common results with the other countries, but referred to the measures already decided in the Free State. “We have now decided in favor of our Saxon route and we will follow it with all consistency”.

In the Free State, schools, daycare centers, after-school care centers and many shops are to be closed from next Monday.

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