Drug Commissioner Ludwig warns smokers of a severe Covid-19 course


The federal government’s drug commissioner has asked smokers to significantly reduce their tobacco consumption due to the corona pandemic.

Smokers have a much more severe course of Covid-19 than non-smokers, Ludwig told the newspapers of the Funke media group. Various studies have proven this. So it is high time to stop, stressed the CSU politician. Researchers had pointed to an altered immune reaction in smokers who are infected with coronaviruses.

The drug commissioner also called for more support for people who want to quit smoking. Above all, those who could not have been reached with the offers to quit smoking should be addressed.

According to Ludwig, around 23 percent of adults in Germany smoke. That corresponds to over 14 million people. Around 120,000 people die every year as a result of tobacco consumption. The drug commissioner rated the falling number of smokers among adolescents and young adults as a positive development.

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This message was broadcast on December 27, 2020 on Deutschlandfunk.

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