Duchess Kate: Little glitch! Here she is committed


Prince William and Duchess Kate are currently on their “Christmas Express” tour. A small faux pas happened to the Duchess of Cambridge.

No less than nine appointments within 48 hours: This is what Prince William (38) and Duchess Kate (38, nee Kate Middleton) set out to do on their “Christmas Express” tour through England, Wales and Scotland. The Dukes of Cambridge would like to take the trip across the country to express their thanks to the helpers in the corona pandemic.

It started on Sunday (December 6th) from Euston Station in London. Before leaving, the two royals talked to the employees to thank them for their commitment during the Corona crisis. Finally, Duchess Kate wrote a nice message on a specially set up whiteboard. It turned out that it is obviously not that easy to keep track of words and letters on this large, white surface.

Great hip swing! The Duchess even danced to music at the start of her tour. William was also taken with it. See for yourself in the video above.

Duchess Kate misspelled a word

Because when Duchess Kate wanted to express her thanks in writing, a little mishap happened to her. So she wrote on the whiteboard: “Thank you to all the transport workers who kept the country moving during this difficult year. I wish you all a Merry Christmas! “Both Kate and her husband signed the nice lines with” Catherine “and” William “. But in all haste, the Duchess made a small mistake in the text and forgot the English word” Country ” the “n”.

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Twitter users react to Duchess Kate’s small mistake

Of course, this did not remain hidden for long from the Twitter users, who otherwise enthusiastically celebrated the posting. “Nice gesture”, said a happy user, but immediately recognized: “There is no n in ‘country’! Still very sweet and attentive to all these workers!”

Another follower immediately took protection from Duchess Kate and wrote: “I’m a teacher and I also have to try to write flawlessly on the whiteboard. The children always make fun of my illegible handwriting.”

You can see in the video below which look she used to set a gaudy accent in the dreary station setting.

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