Earning money on your smartphone: Google app for Android


Before you can start using the Google Survey App for Android and iOS, you must first provide some personal information. This is to confront you with the most relevant questions possible. The answer is, for example: “Which logo is the best?”, “Which advertising is the most appealing?” or “When are you planning your next trip?”.

As soon as a survey is available, you will be notified of it via your Android smartphone or tablet. How often and to what extent you are asked questions varies greatly. Sometimes it can take a long time before you are offered to participate in a survey. However, according to Google, this should happen on average about once a week. Advise users of the app to turn on location detection. This is to increase the likelihood of being selected for a survey. After such a round of questions, you will receive a sum of money, depending on the scope.

Up to 75 cents will be credited to you after successfully completing a survey. However, Google only plays the surveys to users of the app very irregularly. It is important here that your GPS is activated, as experience has shown that only location-based surveys are played out.

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