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Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – The Baden-Württemberg economy has shown itself to be relieved by the conclusion of a trade agreement between the EU and Great Britain. “There is really no reason to cheer, however, because trading goods and services via the canal will be a lot more difficult and expensive for our member companies in the new year,” said Johannes Schmalzl, General Manager of the Stuttgart Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK), who is in charge of foreign trade for the Baden-Württemberg IHKs. The Brexit to a new border in Europe, the need to clear goods for import and export would remain unchanged even with agreements.

Schmalzl said on Monday that delays in the flow of goods were programmed. “In addition, it must be noted that the duties only apply to goods with EU or UK origin.” According to the State Statistical Office, Baden-Württemberg exported goods worth 10.1 billion euros to the United Kingdom in 2018. Conversely, goods with a value of 3.8 billion euros were imported from Great Britain to the southwest in 2018.

On Christmas Eve, London and Brussels announced a breakthrough in talks on a joint trade pact for the period after the Brexit transition phase. At the turn of the year, the United Kingdom finally leaves the structures of the European Union after almost 40 years of membership.

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