Emergency approval: Pfizer and BioNTech shares gain: Bahrain also allows corona vaccine | message


The responsible national approval authority made the decision after all available data had been evaluated, the state-run Bahraini news agency BNA reported on Friday. It is an emergency use authorization.The kingdom had already approved the restricted use of a Chinese vaccine for health care workers at the beginning of November. How well these vaccinations protect and what side effects they can have is currently largely open.

For the BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine, extensive series of tests showed an efficacy that offers 95 percent protection against the disease COVID-19, according to the company. For the EU, the European Medicines Agency Ema wants to make a decision on a recommendation for approval for the corona vaccine in December.

The Gulf state of Bahrain with around 1.7 million inhabitants has so far reported more than 87,000 corona cases and around 340 deaths. According to the Bahraini Ministry of Health, more than two million tests for the virus have so far been carried out in the country.

The BioNTech share, listed on the NASDAQ, finally gained 1.11 percent on Friday to $ 120.00. For Pfizer papers, the NYSE ultimately rose 0.65 percent to $ 40.35.



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