Eminem’s daughter Hailie is already celebrating her 25th birthday


Hailie Jade (25) is celebrating her birthday! The American became famous through her celebrity relatives: She is the daughter of megastar Eminem (48)! It comes from the rapper’s marriage to his ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott. The couple separated for good in 2006 after a tumultuous relationship. Their daughter has grown pretty big now. In fact, the beauty is already celebrating her 25th birthday!

Hailie celebrates this special day with a new photo Instagram. “Turned 25 on December 25th”, she writes about the recording. “I feel so blessed and happy to be here at this point in my life.” Your followers are enthusiastic about the new picture and pave the comment column with lots of congratulations and compliments.

Hailie had withdrawn from social media for a while. It wasn’t until the beginning of December that she got back to her fans after six months of radio silence. “Can everyone here deal with the ‘2020’ declaration?”, were her first words on the net after such a long time. Her followers were anything but resentful about the break – and were just happy about the celebrity daughter’s return to social media.

Hailie Jade, November 2020
Eminem, Musician
Hailie Jade, March 2020

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