End of the line semifinals for Matthias Nebel in “The Voice of Germany”


Out! Just like two years ago, Matthias Nebel was in the semi-finals of “The Voice of Germany”.

FRAUENTAL / BERLIN. Semi-final 2018, second chance 2020 – now the semi-final was the “minimum goal”, as Matthias Nebel says. Unfortunately it stayed the same this time: He smashed Bryan Adam’s rock classic “Heaven” (including a guitar solo) onto the voice stage, but had to admit defeat to his teammate Paula Dalla Corte. Despite loving greetings from his dad from Deutschlandsberg, Matthias’ trip to “The Voice of Germany” ended again in the semi-finals. The Frauentaler lost 60 to 40 percent of the audience vote.

Learned a lot

Nebel already had an idea, as he said in advance in an interview: “The competition this year is unbelievable. And what is bad for me: Probably the strongest talent is lurking in my own team.” In a duel at an unbelievably high level, the woman thaler just got the short straw against the Swiss. Nevertheless, Nebel was very proud to have made it to the semi-finals again. And he takes a lot with him from “The Voice of Germany”: “Much more in 2020 than in 2018. I see myself as an old hand in this business, and since this year at the latest I have appreciated what it means to be a musician, especially in this difficult times. “

New project with Samu Haber?

He also praised the work of his coaches Samu Haber and Rea Garvey. “No camera in the world could capture how nice and down-to-earth the two actually are and how much they care about our careers. That was very nice, definitely!” And so the 29-year-old, who will now be doing his job again in the commercial yard of the market town of Frauental, immediately announced something: “With Samu I have won a new supporter, there will certainly be a lot more to happen in the next few months!”


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