England is apparently looking into experiment with up to 20 player changes


The English football association is apparently planning a revolutionary change experiment. A report from Daily Telegraph According to the FA Cup from the third round (January 8th to 11th), when the busy professional clubs intervene, up to ten players per team could be replaced.

After five possible changes in regular time, there would be an opportunity for another player swap in extra time. Two more professionals could be added if more than one player cannot continue because of a head injury.

Then the opposing team would also have two more changes to compensate. This “favor” could then be offset if the other team were forced to make two changes due to head injuries.

The experiment would be in response to the testing phase announced on Wednesday by the rulers of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) for an additional substitution in the event of suspected concussion. As the IFAB and the world association FIFA announced, such tests are to begin in January.

Interested confederations, associations and competition organizers can apply to participate in the test phase. The German Football League (DFL) announced that it would deal with a possible implementation in the Bundesliga and 2nd division.

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