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Starting today at 5 p.m., Epic Games will be offering an Xmas sale every day until December 31st. publish a game for free. So that’s a total of 15 free games. But which could it be?

At 5 p.m., Epic Games will ring the pre-Christmas bell and start a holiday sale, which will also be accompanied by a fat giveaway campaign. Every day until December 31. there is a free game, so a total of 15 free titles for the Pile of Shame. You have to secure the respective game within the offer time of 24 hours. And that is important, because otherwise the users have a week to secure the game – now it’s only 24 hours from 5:01 pm to 4:59 pm the following day.

Epic Games Store: what happens at 5 p.m.?

But before the first door starts at 5 p.m., you should perhaps take a look at the current free games Pillars of Eternity in the Definitive Edition and Tyranny in the Gold Edition, two great role-playing games from Obsidian in recent years. Later in the afternoon we will know with which game Epic will open the free round and, as so often, there are some more or less authentic leaks floating around on Reddit. A contribution could provide valuable information about what will be available from 5 p.m. The basis for the possible games is the fact that Epic likes to give away free games that appear in the store. In other words: At the start in the Epic Games Store, the titles initially cost nothing and are only then sold regularly.

In order to publish a game in the Epic Games Store, it needs a special classification, at least in Korea, and this list is now public. The list has proven to be a good source for past free promotions. That could mean that Jurassic World Evolution, Darkest Dungeon, Oddworld New & Tasty or Night in the Woods, among others, will appear as a free game in the Epic Store within the next 15 days. Other lists that are making the rounds and promising The Witcher 3, Far Cry 5, Borderlands 3 or Horizon Zero Dawn among others, sound very unrealistic. At Epic Games, however, you never know exactly how big your wallet is.

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