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Five months before the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2021 in the Netherlands it becomes known: The German participant has already been determined.

For organizational reasons, WHO should start in Rotterdam in May for Germany cannot yet be revealed, said the head of the delegation Alexandra Wolfslast in the NDR Blue podcast “ESC Update”. “I’ll put it this way, you can really be happy,” she said.

In the preselection there were “great songs and artists” and the songs of every genre were of high quality. When and where the German Act will be announced has not yet been determined. Now the ESC team wants to concentrate on a successful stage appearance.

As in 2020, the German ESC contribution for 2021 was selected by two juries – a 20-person jury made up of experts from the music industry and a 100-person jury made up of German ESC fans. They rated the artists first and then the songs. During the selection process, more than 300 songs were submitted and more than 70 other songs were written in the songwriting camps.

In recent years, Germany’s songs at the ESC have hardly had any resounding success and – apart from Lena in 2010 and Michael Schulte in 2018 – often ended up in the back of the list. Therefore, the lead NDR 2020 decided against a preliminary decision. The one chosen in this way, Ben Dolic with the song “The Violent Thing”, could not appear because the ESC was completely canceled due to the corona.

In 2021, the NDR wants to pay more attention to the artist’s stage appearance. Therefore, this year the favorites had to present the songs again on a stage for the first time.

“We recorded the last top places again in a live situation.” So a stage situation was created “in order to be able to capture a bit of the charisma, the stage presence and to include it in the evaluation”. How exactly the staging should look like is not yet ready to be decided, said Wolfslast: “I definitely can’t comment on that yet. That will be easier to judge in 2021. We are not that far yet.”

The ESC is to take place this year on May 22nd in Rotterdam under the motto “Open up”. At least 17 countries want to send the same candidates to Rotterdam next year that should be running this year. However, the rules state that all performers must present a new song.

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