Event will be several billion more expensive


Gold medals, the fight for records – the Olympics are a highlight for athletes. The organizers want to outbid each other, which drives up costs. The games in Tokyo will also be several billion euros more expensive.

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The costs for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which are postponed to 2021, will rise to more than 12.6 billion euros. In their budget plan published on Tuesday, the organizers are assuming additional expenditure of around 2.3 billion euros.

Despite all savings efforts, the corona measures and the costs caused by the postponement are driving up the budget further. The organizers are planning around 130 million euros more for the opening and closing ceremonies alone.

Olympia as a “positive investment”

“We should not only look at the games from the cost side, but see them as a positive investment,” said the managing director of the organizing committee, Toshiro Muto.

The Summer Games and the Paralympics planned afterwards could be a “significant event” and be proof of a successful handling of the corona pandemic.

The Japanese are against the summer games

In the new budget version, the organizers account for the equivalent of 5.5 billion euros of the costs. The host city of Tokyo will provide 5.4 billion euros and the Japanese government will provide 1.7 billion euros. The costs for the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo had risen steadily even before the Corona crisis. When the games were awarded in 2013, Tokyo had expected around 6.1 billion euros to be spent.

In a poll published the previous week, a majority of the Japanese said that the Tokyo Games should not take place next summer either. According to the Japanese television broadcaster NHK, 32 percent of those surveyed voted for the games to be canceled. According to 31 percent of those surveyed, the games should be postponed again. 27 percent thought the games should take place as planned.

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