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As VOL.AT has learned, ski areas are allowed to open from Christmas. Gastronomy and hotels will be closed at least until January 7th.

VOL.AT has new key points on the opening steps that the federal government announced today:


Trade and services will reopen next week. Body-hugging services, such as hairdressers, are also allowed to reopen. It is mandatory to wear mouth and nose protection. There is a limit of ten square meters per customer for customer areas. In shopping centers, only those of shops are counted as areas.


Compulsory schools and kindergartens resume regular operations. From the age of 10, a mask is required in class.

Upper schools and universities continue to be operated by distance learning. Exception: Regular operations are resumed for high school graduates.

Hotels and gastronomy

Restaurants and hotels will be closed until Epiphany. From January 7th, restaurants and hotels can reopen with restrictions if the infection rate allows this.

Food can be picked up from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Delivery services are still allowed without time restrictions.

Pubs, bars and nightspots remain closed for an indefinite period of time.


Skiing is only allowed from Christmas: From December 24th, cable cars, gondolas and ascent aids may be used for leisure purposes, according to the VOL.AT present paper. However, gondolas may only be half occupied (e.g. only four people may be transported in an eight-person gondola). Mouth and nose protection is also mandatory in the waiting and boarding areas.

Ski areas are also to receive a sales refund for the closed period.

Hobby sport

All contact sports (e.g. football) remain prohibited for the time being, indoor sports facilities are closed to amateur athletes. Outdoor sports venues can open from December 24th.

Culture and events

Events remain prohibited for the time being (this includes, for example, cultural events, sporting events, wedding celebrations, birthday parties and Christmas markets). Exceptions are rehearsals and artistic performances without an audience, which are carried out for professional purposes.

From January 7th, cultural institutions and cinemas should be allowed to reopen with restrictions.

Museums and libraries will reopen on Monday. There is a limit of 10 square meters per visitor for visitor areas.

Animal parks can reopen from December 24th.

Exit restrictions

The daytime exit restrictions will be lifted on December 7th. However, it is only allowed to meet with ONE other household per day (up to 6 adults and 6 children).

The existing exit restrictions continue to apply between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.


People entering from a risk area (14-day incidence over 100) must be quarantined for ten days. A PCR test can be carried out after five days to end the quarantine. This regulation should apply until January 10th.

Family visits abroad over the Christmas holidays are therefore practically “forbidden”.


The practice of religion is allowed. The religious communities make their own rules to minimize the risk of infection, although mouth and nose protection must be worn indoors. Funerals can take place with a maximum of 50 people.

Weddings and birthdays

A wedding in the registry office is only possible in exceptional cases. Wedding celebrations are prohibited for the time being. Birthday parties and anniversary celebrations will also remain prohibited for the time being.


Until further notice, people should work in the home office wherever possible. At the workplace there must be a distance of one meter between people, unless other protective measures are in place. If it is not possible to keep your distance and there are no other protective measures, then mouth and nose protection is necessary.

Retirement and nursing homes

All employees must be tested weekly. Newly admitted residents must have a negative corona test. Visitors also have to show a negative test result. Only one visitor per resident per week is allowed.

The operators also have to create a COVID-19 prevention concept to minimize the risk of infection.


All hospital employees must also be tested weekly. Only one visitor per patient per week is allowed if the stay is longer than a week.

The operators also have to create a COVID-19 prevention concept to minimize the risk of infection.

Van der Bellen warns “cooperation of all forces”:

At 1 p.m., the federal government will officially announce the easing steps, we will broadcast live:

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