Farmer is looking for a wife: Alina lets potato farmer Peter sit down?


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The farm weeks are over for most farmers, now it’s time to get down to business. At “Bauer sucht Frau” the singles have to become aware of their feelings on Monday (December 14th, 2020).

While some are literally floating on cloud nine, others are in chaos of love!

“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Rüdiger is crazy about Tatjana

“I promised you I can take you to heaven,” says Rüdiger (53), who kidnaps his Tatjana (48) into the air on the last day of the court week.

The amateur pilot overwhelmed the native Russian with a sightseeing flight over his home country. “I have to admit that I fell a little in love with you. You really turned my head, ”reveals the 53-year-old above the clouds.

Arable and poultry farmer Rüdiger (53) from Baden-Württemberg confessed his love to nail designer Tatjana (48) while flying.

Rüdiger finally won Tatjana’s heart: “You make me so happy, I am so happy with you!”

“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Denise stands between two men

A lot has happened with the horse hostess Denise since the summer farm week. “After the farm week, Sascha and I stayed in contact. Whenever he could arrange it, he came to me. It was all good until one day when he said he’d let his jealousy hang out completely. I broke off contact, ”reports the 32-year-old.

“But I was still in contact with Nils the whole time, whom I was the first to shoot straight out of the court week, which wasn’t really decided by me. And because it was back and forth with Sascha, a door opened for Nils and me and we really had a few nice days. “


After the farm week of the horse hostess Denise (32) from North Rhine-Westphalia and regular soldier Sascha (29) it went back and forth.

Despite everything, Sascha continued to fight for Denise. With success, as it turned out. Denise chose Sascha. “I stood between two chairs the whole time, two men! The total emotional chaos. But now I’ve made up my mind, ”says Denise as she makes her way to meet her lover.

“I decided for Sascha because he has changed, he is there for me like a rock,” says the organic farmer.

Denise’s visit to Sascha had another reason: It was about the question of whether she could move in with all her animals and furniture to Sascha’s farm in terms of space. Conclusion of the 32-year-olds: “That fits well!”

“If Sascha and I pull this off, it would definitely be a new chapter in my life. I want this to work because I fell in love with Sascha! “

“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Potato farmer Peter has fallen in love with Alina

Alina (29) and potato farmer Peter (34) end the farm week with a picnic by a lake. The educational scientist finally wants to know where she stands with Peter. The two get along well and laugh a lot together, but is there more? Do the two have the potential to be in a relationship?


Peter has trouble speaking openly about feelings. But one thing is clear: Alina is well on the way to conquering his heart.

“So far I know precious little about your feelings,” says Alina, a little annoyed. “Would you say it’s like having a crush?” She wants to know. Peter evades once more: “I like you very much, I have taken you into my heart!”

Alina desperately: “It is a tear in my hair. That was a yes-or-no question. I’m really enough! At some point it will be the end of the day ”. She gets up disappointed and leaves. Peter remains seated pensively, but then gets up, runs after Alina and takes her in his arms.

“Sorry. I am just not the best to show my feelings. It is to be in love! I promise I’ll work on myself. “

Alina also apologizes for her childish running away and is happy about Peter’s insight. “So let’s give love a chance now,” he whispers in Alina’s ear.

“Farmer is looking for a wife”: cattle farmer Andy sends Maya home

Andy, on the other hand, has a harder time. The cattle farmer must tell Maya of his decision. The spark hadn’t jumped over with him. “There’s something on my mind,” he begins the conversation.

“I fell in love with Nicole!” He says outright. With a heavy heart and very sad, Maya then leaves. “Even on the dating day I had the feeling that something was in the air between the two, but I still hoped that I would get a chance,” she admits.

Farmer is looking for a wife: Andy did not fall in love with Maya and sent her home.

Cattle farmer Andy had to turn Maya off.

However, Maya, who came from Portugal especially for Andy, is very mature about the situation. “I am grateful that I got to know him and I wish him all the best.”

As soon as the rejected Maya was gone, Andy was able to hug his chosen Nicole happily in his arms and tell her about his decision: “I sent Maya home. I decided for you! “

Nicole is overjoyed: “I’m really happy that I can be here again and that I can be here alone!”

At the end of the farm week it is clear to both of them: We are in love! “I am super happy that we became a couple. My greatest wish has come true, ”said Andy. “I hope that Nicole will come back soon, that I will get to know her daughter soon and that we will have a great future together!”

“Bauer sucht Frau”: Leif and Christina are a perfect team

The farm weeks are still in full swing at the chicken farmer Leif. Christina (26) is apparently the perfect woman for him. Feeding chickens, vaccinating sheep or looking after the chicks – the trained farmer routinely lends a hand everywhere.


Leif and Christina can not only work well together.

Leif’s family is also taken with her. Christina thinks his mother is “very personable”. Physically, the two get closer, the first kisses are exchanged. Leif takes the first step. To Christina’s favor.

No wonder that when you visit the Wadden Sea, future plans are forged. “Would it be an option for you to move here if something happened to both of us?” Leif wants to know. “Yes, definitely,” Christina’s clear answer.

So far, “everything is perfect” for her.

“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Thomas and Nicole have found each other

For Thomas and Nicole, only the distance between their homes is currently causing problems. That’s why they enjoy every minute together. You can hardly keep your hands off each other.

For example, while she was massaging, Nicole noticed that Thomas had a “sexy butt”.


Nicole (39, account manager from Vienna) and pork and asparagus farmer Thomas (38) from Bavaria got very close during the farm week.

On the last day of the farm week, however, the 38-year-old mentioned the distance again: “The problem that we are 800 kilometers apart, I think that if you really want something, then it works. I think we can do it! You are the perfect woman for me and I know that I fell in love. I do not let you go anymore.”

With these words he makes Nicole more than happy, because she too was hit hard: “I had such a fantastic time with you, I’ll be back. And I fell in love with you as well. ”

“Farmer is looking for a wife” – Patrick wants to get Julia excited about his homeland

With a framed photo of himself and Julia, young farmer Patrick vom Bodensee expressed his feelings for the woman from Munich at the end of the farm week.

“I really enjoyed my days with Julia. It could be like that every day, ”said the farmer. Both want it to go on after the court week. “I have found my dream man,” says Julia.

The two were already in close contact. “I love being petted and Julia has the right fingernails too.” Then nothing can go wrong …

Patrick is “looking forward to seeing you again” and hopes that there is a future for both of them. (jba)

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